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art study dump and website shenaniganery (10/25/2020)

Hey, I'm actually painting more stuff now. That's good. I've been doing mostly art studies though instead of original pieces. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does studies if they're tired, because I can't be bothered to create an idea, and then make a trillion thumbnails, and then execute it. It's a lot of work when making an original piece.

But anyway, just recently me and some friends got together and did a Bob Ross painting night and it was my first time using acrylics. What fun. And by fun, I mean it was a lot of stopping the video because Bob was just too fast.

doing some bob ross stuff

Actually, I find painting foliage so much easier with real paints. You get a lot of brush dynamics that you simply cannot pull off digitally. Felt like I was in my element painting those trees and bushes; probably because I was itching to actually paint it like that instead of my crappy technique when painting those types of things digitally.

So now that's just been sitting in my room, leaning against the wall. I don't know whether I'm going to bother hanging it up or what, but it's going to stay on the floor for now.

And besides that, I've been doing some other studies. I'm limiting myself to using oil paint brushes:

I'm moving towards more of a painterly-style, because I absolutely love the look of oil paints. There's a particular artist who does anime-style character design with like oil-based paints but digitally and it is mesmerizing to look at. I'm planning to put them in the showcase section soon. Probably one of my main influences in art, honestly.

And other than that, mostly some changes to the website. Now I have that "gambling" section with the lootcrate system. Originally I was planning to do a section of articles which were untitled so I could have more lax outlet writing-wise other than the blog. But then I thought of a way to pick the articles randomly, and then it spun into this. I'm an online gambling enterprise now. Also gives me an excuse to paint stuff like in MS Paint. Was quite fun, but man it took a lot of work.

I don't have plans for anything new after the recent update. Mostly just planning to add more stuff to the sections that already exist in my website.

i actually painted something (10/17/2020)
spooky boi

Whoa, I actually painted something? Impossible!

It's been a while since I've painted anything, huh. Around a month gap. I've done worse, though, so this is a good start. I couldn't really muster up the energy to create an original piece, so a study will have to do.

While I was painting this I recall having done a similar skull study a few years ago. And I found the study that I did in 2018:

Made me chuckle a little bit. To be fair, I did the 2018 one in like 30 minutes as an exercise, but I'm sure I can do better in the same amount of time.

getting old (10/12/2020)

A few days ago I officially entered my twenties, and I'm not excited. Well, it is less of a lack of excitement but more of being completely indifferent.

The date of my birth is literally something that I keep in lockdown. It is like my golden rule: never share my birthday with anyone, even friends. Truth be told, I hate being greeted happy birthday because it feels like it is done out of social obligation rather than actually celebrating someone's birthday. So only my family knows my birthday, and I hope that it stays that way to be honest.

Age is quite a fickle thing. It is something that practically everyone is insecure about. Young adolescents are obsessed with inflating their age so that they seem more mature, and older people try to round down their age in a desperate attempt to grasp their childhood. But regardless, it is still a number, and sometimes numbers aren't really good indicators as to one's maturity, health, or knowledge. People put too much emphasis on a number such as age, I think. I suppose that it is still a pretty decent frame of reference, all things considered.

I guess the good thing about birthdays is that I get to buy something that I was planning to buy anyway but wasn't wanting to shell my own money out for it. Also cake. Good thing my family doesn't like doing extravagant birthday parties or whatever. We eat some good food and that's about it. And honestly, that's enough for me.

I have a bunch of stuff lined up for the website, so stay tuned I guess.

sleep schedule reparations (09/28/2020)

I think this is the first time in like 2 months where I woke up before 9AM, and I feel somewhat better.

Lately I've been going through a depression, and I figured it was my body going into a rebellious state after I've been treating it like trash. My sleep schedule consisted of me staying up at 4AM doing nothing and then waking up at 12PM, and every single day I felt terrible. Wasn't really eating right as well. Too much sugary things just made me crash all of the time. Not particularly healthy.

So I've been trying to at least get a consistent sleep schedule up and running, as I have realized from experience that not having a consistent sleeping time can really throw off the mind in a substantial way. I'm currently trying for 12AM-8AM and gradually bringing it down to my old schedule 10PM-6AM. It's going to take a while since I've been sleeping inconsistently for quite a long time, but I'll get there eventually.

I recently wrote about how fiction messes with my head in a fundamental way. I'm just not built for consuming it I guess.

I've been playing a lot of puzzle games lately, namely KNIGHTS and Stephen's Sausage Roll. I plan to make a section about puzzle games soon, just because I have too many of them that I would like to finish and document.

And I figure I should start archiving my entries in the activity feed. My main gripe with it is that I am bound to say something so stupid that my future self would be traumatized to the point where I end up taking down the entire website. I have this bad habit of just blowing everything up when I find the reason to do so. I guess I can be more selective as to what to archive. I'll try it out for a bit and see what happens.

busy but not really (09/20/2020)
Most recent thing I painted

So I finally got around to updating the website.

There is a lot less pressure in updating my website as opposed to social media accounts frankly, which is good because I really don't have all the time in the world constantly hawking over my website. I would like to update it more often though.

School started, and it has been a mess. Especially in our university program it has been a complete circus honestly.

Haven't been drawing much as I would like, but I did add more stuff in the art section. I'm still getting used to the tools in Procreate so there is still going to be a quality gap between my work with Krita and Procreate.

I will probably get into a little bit of writing soon as well since I have a bunch of topics lined up, but mostly have been doing other stuff.

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